The CampfireEffect: Introducing CampfireSocial™

Introducing CampfireSocial™, a new, revolutionary social network & e-commerce platform designed for your organization or industry vertical.

We don’t need to tell you how important virtual connections are in business this year; you’ve lived it. After spending months working from home, without everyday connections in the break room, meetings with clients or lunches with prospects, we’ve all had to change the way we think about our businesses and how they can grow.

Now that we are living in a COVID world, businesses of all sizes and types have had to attempt to maintain relevance, forge new connections and build deeper bonds in a time of isolation and mass unemployment. But online community posts, bulk mailings and other efforts outside of the traditional face-to-face meetings have a major flaw: failure to create any real or sustained connection as well as the opportunity to drive revenue for the supply side of the industry.

There’s a better way. We’d like to introduce you to CampfireSocial™, a SaaS-based social network and e-commerce platform that mimics those to which we all have grown accustomed, but with real, measurable opportunities for industries of all kinds.

CampfireSocial™ taps into social interactivity to promote a valuable exchange of ideas and business opportunities all while the host organization generates sizable revenue. The platform is white-labeled to act as a seamless extension of your brand or organization.

We believe CampfireSocial™ will change the game for many industries, trade show organizers, associations, and businesses that rely too heavily on limited face-to-face interaction opportunities and virtual substitutes. CampfireSocial™ allows any industry vertical to extend the life of trade events year round through developing a rich virtual network where peer connectivity, communication, content sharing, event promotion, and commercial transactions occur in the palm of your hands.

We’ve dubbed the results produced by this unique new platform the CampfireEffect.

The CampfireEffect

The CampfireEffect occurs when members of an industry ecosystem come together virtually through CampfireSocial™ to share subject matter expertise, form and grow relationships and negotiate and execute financial deals, all under the eye of a host organization or association.

The result? A triple win for participants.

Members see the enhanced value of easy communication and relationship building. Vendors are given the ability to convert connections from a large pool of qualified leads into transactions. The host organization benefits from creating a new channel; one they can own & monetize at their discretion while hosting conversations and commercial relationships all in one place. The CampfireSocial™ platform integrates with live and/or virtual events to provide an omnichannel presence.

This translates to rich, invaluable data on how your industry thinks, behaves & transacts year-round, the ability to generate meaningful growth through a number of diversified revenue streams, and increased relevancy as an industry pillar. As network effects scale, value is maximized for all stakeholders on the platform.

Here’s a closer look at how the CampfireEffect is created:

  • CampfireSocial™ protects a host’s position by providing an industry wide network that they control.

  • Conversations and transactions all occur in one place, instead of a disjointed network of social media platforms, independent marketplaces, email distribution lists, and other means of individual communication.

  • Industry leaders have a place to share advice and start substantive conversations without competing with the noise of broad platforms like LinkedIn or Medium.

  • Those who share content get recognized faster and easier, standing out as industry leaders and influencers.

  • CampfireSocial™ creates a community that amplifies and advocates for businesses. Vendors get access to a qualified buying audience every day of the year along with data and lead generation support. This encourages vendors to pursue these leads through content marketing and relationship marketing efforts. The more content vendors add to the platform, the more users engage.

  • User & vendor engagement increases providing the host organization with substantial data that can be mined and monetized, providing further value to their stakeholders.

  • User & vendor enhanced ROI leads to more vendors and users participating on the platform. Consider these compounding engagement effects that ultimately lead to more revenue for the host.

Your stakeholders are ready for an opportunity to collaborate and communicate like never before. After feeling disjointed for almost a year, they are primed and ready to be led. Are you ready to own the voice of your industry?

Stay tuned next week for part two of our blog series where we'll discuss some ideas for how to maximize vendor ROI with CampfireSocial™.

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